Pankhurst History Library

For many years, Professor Richard Pankhurst, the late President of Together We Learn (formerly Link Ethiopia), wrote regular and popular articles on Ethiopian history in the now defunct Addis Tribune. His lucid style of writing combined with his thorough scholarship covering the widest range of political and social history made his writings justly treasured. We have assembled a good number of these very interesting articles here and hope that they will inform and be enjoyed by all.

Author: Dr. Richard Pankhurst


A History of Early Twentieth Century Ethiopia

Book Review

Concerning the Aksum Obelisk

Dr Pankhurst

Dynastic Marriages

Early Ethiopian Banking History

Early Photography


Egypt and the Nile

Ethiopian Patriots

Ethiopia’s Historic Quest for Medicine

Innovation and Change

Late Nineteenth Century

Looted Crowns

Maqdala Looting

Medieval History

Nineteenth Century

On Art and Artists

Preserving History

Red Sea and Indian Ocean

Religious Art and Manuscripts

Sylvia Pankhurst

The Ethiopian Aeroplane ‘Tsehai’

The History of Epidemics

Trade and Business

Together We Learn - Ethiopia