Our Impact

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by giving disadvantaged children access to quality education. We do this by improving the quality of teaching and quality of facilities within schools and by working with communities to overcome obstacles, enabling children to stay in school.

We continually measure and monitor the impact of our work, to make sure we are delivering our projects where they are needed most and that they are achieving the desired outcomes. This graphic highlights some of the key statistics we have recorded since we started in 1996.

Access to Education


children sponsored


girls received targeted support


classrooms built

Quality of Education


libraries renovated and resourced


sanitation facilities installed


computer labs set up


students benefiting from literacy training

Our Stories


“I faced a big financial problem. I couldn’t afford food, rent or any necessities when I was at school without worry. This also affected my education and I was forced to drop out from school. ”

Girls’ Education

“Firstly, I was less focused, lacking confidence, shy and usually absent during my period but now I understand why girls have menstruation and how we can make our school life easier.”

Teacher Training

I studied English for more than 12 years. In addition, I taught for 21 years; however, I was not good at teaching English effectively. The Jolly Phonics training helped me learn the sounds of English and teach my children in a better way.”


“I still remember the very first ball I received from Together We Learn. Having that backing helped me have a goal in life and to live for a purpose. Through time it has helped me to realise my dream and I now work in the profession that I love most.’’

School Construction

“If there weren’t these classrooms, we would be obligated to go to the furthest school to carry on in grade three, but now we have got a classroom and new teacher to learn in our school. We are arriving at school on time; we don’t like to be absent.”

Girls’ Football

“Before the Girls’ Football team we were alone and living separate lives – but now we are one team. We share everything: our experiences, feelings and advice. We support each other. Before, we thought we could not correct and better each other, because the person would be mad. Now, we know that we are stronger together, and can grow together.”

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