Why Ethiopia

A Country Investing in People and Progress

Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country, with a population approaching 110 million. It is indelibly associated with the famine of 1984, which brought the world’s attention to the challenges of living in this part of Africa. But Ethiopia is a country determined to improve the welfare and prospects of its people. For one thing, it is working incredibly hard to improve access to, and the quality of, education.

We want to match Ethiopia’s passion with our own and be part of the country’s transformation.

The government spends more than 20% of the national budget on education development – one of the highest education budgets in the world.

Enrolment is approaching 100% for primary age children.

But there are still huge hurdles to overcome.

A Country of the Future

Despite the success in getting children into education, dropout rates are high. More than a quarter of children who enroll in grade 1 drop out before they complete their first school year, poverty is a significant reason for droput. Another factor is location: 84% of the population live in rural areas but only 16% of Ethiopia’s schools are in these communities. Then there is the gender gap: Ethiopian boys continue to have greater access to education than Ethiopian girls; enrolment at primary school is equal for girls and boys but, for every 10 boys that go to university, there are only three girls.

That’s why we’re working to support Ethiopia’s vision of a changed country, with education as the cornerstone. By focusing on one country, we’re not only remaining true to our origins, we’re making sure we’re the most effective we can be. Africa is a continent of huge variety and what may work in one country may not work in the next. We have more than 20 years’ experience in Ethiopia, we understand its education system, its strengths, its culture and the challenges it faces.

Tour Ethiopia

Travel back in time to a land of rock-hewn churches, mysterious castles, ancient island monasteries, and warm and welcoming people. These are non-profit making tours and all proceeds go directly to our work supporting the education of children in Ethiopia.

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