Year: 2022

Teaching English Effectively – 2022 Phonics Update

Why use phonics? Teaching English using phonics teaches children to read by recognising the sounds that makeup words instead of memorising whole words or learning letter names. For example, cat has three sounds ‘c’ ‘a’ and ’t’ and chair has two sounds ‘ch’ and ‘air’. This method is now part of the national curriculum in …

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Summer 2022 News

Our Summer 2022 Newsletter Our quarterly news with the latest updates from our projects, fundraising and other news. In this quarter’s updates:

What makes a child ‘poor’?

By Abbey Anson, Fundraising Intern, and Caroline Walker, Chief Executive UNICEF report on how poverty affects children in Ethiopia A recent UNICEF report has given a valuable insight into understanding how poverty is affecting children in Ethiopia, where progress has been made, and what can be done to drive that progress further. Below we go …

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Support in Lalibela

Support delivered for Lalibela Families The town of Lalibela has been profoundly affected by the conflict in Northern Ethiopia. In August 2021, the town was occupied by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces, residents faced crop destruction and a shut down of government services. Local families also had no access to water, electricity or a …

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Spring 2022 News

Our Spring 2022 Newsletter Our quarterly news with the latest updates from our projects, fundraising and other news. In this quarter’s updates:

How do we teach about Africa in our schools?

An excerpt from our latest School Link newsletter By Hannah, our School Links Coordinator The conflict in Ukraine has been weighing heavy on many of our minds and I am sure the children and young people in your schools have been searching for explanations. It’s times like these that draw the value of global education …

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From Book Storage to Reading Centres

Book Distribution and Library Training in Gondar Access to reading materials is very important to the lives of the young people we work with. Across the country, many children do not have books at home. Those that do have access to books learn to read earlier, have a better chance of staying in school and …

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Lalibela Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal: Support for Families in Lalibela We are running an appeal to raise funds for 18 of our sponsored families living in Lalibela, whose lives have been devastated by occupation during the conflict in northern Ethiopia. We are trying to raise £4,240. One of our corporate partners, One Thought Changes All, has generously offered …

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Winter Newsletter

Together We Learn’s Winter Newsletter, February 2022 Our latest newsletter is out and available to read here: Although the country’s political situation has been complicated, it has got calmer recently. Together We Learn has now become synonymous with our commitment to helping hundreds of disadvantaged families with children’s educational support, provision of scholastic materials, …

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Annual Review

Together We Learn’s Annual Review 2020-21 Our Annual Review is out, click here to read and download it. This report covers activities from April 2020 to March 2021, which was a year that none of us could have anticipated! The coronavirus pandemic began to have a global impact just before April 2020 and our teams …

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