Year: 2011

News update: Christmas 2011

Greetings! We want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and new year. 2011 has been Link Ethiopia’s most successful year to date, thanks to your support, and we are thoroughly looking forward to what 2012 brings. We are pleased to announce that our 2012 calendars are on sale now. Details are below. Get them …

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Drinking water installed at Tsadiku Yohannes

The largest elementary school in Gondar, Tsadiku Yohannes, is set on a large site in a relatively poor area of Gondar town. It caters for 3,200 children, half in the morning shift and half in the afternoon, and teaches pupils from Grades 1 to 8. Tsadiku Yohannes is particularly special because it also caters for …

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Queniborough CE Primary visit their Link School!

In October, head teacher Joy Hardy and year 6 teacher Tracey Lidgett from Queniborough CE Primary school embarked on a much anticipated trip to their link school Yekatit 23 Elementary School in Bahr Dir. In between sampling the local food and a spot of sightseeing, Joy and Tracey spent time setting up a new learning …

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Welcome to Tara Sleggs, our new School Links Manager

In September, Tara Sleggs took over from James Love as our School Links Manager, working alongside Sachin Shaa to ensure the linking process runs as smoothly as possible for all involved. Tara is an experienced Geography teacher and more recently spent fifteen months volunteering in Ethiopia with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas). Her role with VSO …

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Books in the post

The Kindu Trust places  a high value on the education of its beneficiaries, as a result the charity offers supplementary education to the children at the Kindu Klub. Here the children can attend extra classes in English, Maths and Science. This can help a child get a head start that may not have been possible in …

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As an international development charity The Kindu Trust takes on a number of volunteers in Ethiopia every year.  These are a valuable asset, performing a variety of roles for the trust including researching and assessment, teaching, designing activities for the Youth Club, visiting families and even doing a bit of decorating if they have the …

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Income generating project- Jewellery

In addition to our sponsorship  scheme The Kindu Trust has been helping to support families in income generating projects. The core aims of these projects are To provide skills for employment Income generation To provide financial security and independence Sustainable development The project we are currently running is a innovative jewellery making venture wherein the team in Ethiopia …

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New and updated

[archives type=monthly limit=12] We’re sorry for being out of touch on the blog but we’re back and better than ever. Expect some brand new updates on what is happening at the Kindu trust, upcoming events, news from Gondar and much more.


Lack of school materials and uniforms is a common reason for children dropping out of school in Ethiopia. Although school uniforms are required, children are not prevented from attending school without a uniform but may be stigmatised and have reduced self confidence causing undue stress. This year, Kindu Trust is providing all beneficiaries with school …

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The Kindu Trust Monopoly Walk

Last week The Kindu Trust organised a sponsored Monopoly Walk to raise money for our work in Ethiopia. The task was immense, to walk to and photograph every street and station 0n the London Monopoly board. The walk took the participants round some of London’s most famous landmarks including Nelsons Column, Oxford Circus, Hyde Park, Kings …

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