Lack of school materials and uniforms is a common reason for children dropping out of school in Ethiopia. Although school uniforms are required, children are not prevented from attending school without a uniform but may be stigmatised and have reduced self confidence causing undue stress.

This year, Kindu Trust is providing all beneficiaries with school supplies and school uniforms.  Each student will receive one new uniform, pens and 5 to 10 notebooks according to their grade. For our beneficiaries, this will be an opportunity for them to attend school in uniform with proper school supplies, like other school children.

Providing uniforms is a challenge in both coordination and information gathering. Uniforms vary by style, colour, and fabric quality, based on school and grade.  In Gondar, there are more than 20 kindergartens, 54 primary schools, and 10 secondary schools. Generally, the uniforms are dresses for girls, which are worn over other clothes, and trousers and shirts for boys. Private schools have ready-made uniforms, such as brightly coloured sweaters, and these are purchased directly from the schools.

When preparing uniforms, The Kindu Trust had to verify the school and grade of each beneficiary, obtain the uniform criteria from each school, and record each child’s height before giving the order to the tailor.

Uniform distribution is also dependent on national exams. Each year, grades 8 and 10 must pass a national exam to continuing learning in the government schools. Results from these exams are released at different times around the country and staff at The Kindu Trust office had to wait to hear the results for our beneficiaries before the uniforms could be fitted.


Uniform and school supply distribution is an important step for The Kindu Trust to make our care and support services more comprehensive and holistic. With your help The Kindu Trust is able to offer this program and others for beneficiaries each year.

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