Income generating project- Jewellery

In addition to our sponsorship  scheme The Kindu Trust has been helping to support families in income generating projects. The core aims of these projects are

  • To provide skills for employment
  • Income generation
  • To provide financial security and independence
  • Sustainable development
Terefu Melesa at work rolling the magazines
The project we are currently running is a innovative jewellery making venture wherein the team in Ethiopia are employing two women, both of whom are relatives of our beneficiaries , to make beads out of recycled magazines.
These old magazines are cut into strips which then rolled up and varnished several times over the course of a week to create the intricate beads of various colours. The patterns visible on the beads are the result of the compressed pages,  they are are made into necklaces, earrings and bracelets. [slideshow]
Income generating projects pay a base rate to the employees and also commissions from the sales of the beads. This provides the women not only with financial security but also independence, enabling them to  provide for their families as well as themselves.
These pieces will soon be available to buy online, so watch this space!

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