Water and sanitation

Hygiene Art in our Kindu Club

Hygiene is important anywhere in the world. In Ethiopia it is particularly important due to diseases that are spread through everyday life and activities.  At the Kindu Club, an after school programme supporting sponsored children, teaching is given emphasising the importance of hand washing, especially after using the toilet, and before handling food or eating. …

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World Water Day – Water and Jobs

Written by Ama Konneh World Water Day is an international opportunity for people to learn more about water related problems, highlight and increase awareness on these issues, and make a global impact. The day itself dates back to 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly dedicated March 22nd as the first World Water Day and …

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Health and hygiene training – Sponsorship clubs initiative

Written by Sultan Ahmed We are really pleased to showcase the health and hygiene training taking place as part of our of Sponsorship Clubs initiative. The training was held for students from a number of schools at Tsadiku Yohannes Elementary School, with the aim of equipping sponsored students with the tools and knowhow to successfully …

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New Waterstation at Dudmegn

Dudmegn Elementary School has a new waterstation. Access to clean water is a basic human right, and the basis for a healthy life. Northern Ethiopian climate is dry and hot; many of the children at the school walk for more than an hour in the heat and dust. Thanks to the support of the Mandala Trust …

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Addis Alem students enjoy the gift of water!

Addis Alem is one of the oldest school in Gondar, serving 655 children from very poor families living in Kebele 03. There used to be only 1 water tap for the entire school (children and staff) which used to get quite crowded during break time. However, thanks to funds from COFRA (a Switzerland based charitable …

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Maksegnit Water Taps!

Maksegnit 2 Elementary School now has a fully operational water tap system. A big Thank You! the Students and Teachers at West London Academy Primary School for their generous help and donations. We could not have done it without you. Here is what your help has enabled us to achieve: [photonic-smugmug-import type=’smugmug’ view=’images’ album=’8TKxnP’ layout=’random’]

Derara Water Station!

Derara students welcomed a new Water Station providing consistently clean running water all year round. A big thank you to our long term partners World Challenge who helped make this all possible. We would also like to offer just as big of a thank you to Wellington School who not only helped fundraise for the …

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Abyot Fray is no longer water free!

We have managed to provide the children of Abyot Fray Primary school with a fantastic water tap system which has five taps on each side allowing many children to access the water at once. It provides clean water all year round. We would like to send out a huge Thank you to Sybil Sheridan without whom …

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Water brings new life to Dukem students!

  It was exciting to see Dukem 2 Elementary students queuing up to use the new water facility we recently built with our long term partners – World Challenge! Jumeriah College students worked with the local community to finish off this thirst-quenching project.  

Drinking water installed at Tsadiku Yohannes

The largest elementary school in Gondar, Tsadiku Yohannes, is set on a large site in a relatively poor area of Gondar town. It caters for 3,200 children, half in the morning shift and half in the afternoon, and teaches pupils from Grades 1 to 8. Tsadiku Yohannes is particularly special because it also caters for …

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