Queniborough CE Primary visit their Link School!

In October, head teacher Joy Hardy and year 6 teacher Tracey Lidgett from Queniborough CE Primary school embarked on a much anticipated trip to their link school Yekatit 23 Elementary School in Bahr Dir.

In between sampling the local food and a spot of sightseeing, Joy and Tracey spent time setting up a new learning environment in the school and providing resources for the next door deaf unit.

Here is a short snippet from a detailed description of their trip for their school newsletter:

”On Monday, the Yekatit 23 Elementary School greeted us with flowers, a coffee ceremony and an Ethiopian welcome of; tribal dances, circus acts, singing and drama. We got to meet Ato Mulugeta (the Head) and Abundeje (Teacher/Link Organiser) who made us feel so welcome and showed us around the 1200 strong school, which operates in two shifts to accommodate all the pupils and allow them to work outside of school hours…”

Head to the school’s website to read more about their experience in Ethiopia and take a look at some super photos!


Together We Learn - Ethiopia