Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

Link Ethiopia

is now called

Together We Learn

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Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

School Links

School Links Conference & British Council Training

Written by Tsegaye Alemneh & Rohan Moon Link Ethiopia’s Annual School Links Conference and training is held in Bishoftu town and Adama town. The conference and the training took three consecutive days, 24 head teachers and 58 Link coordinators (teachers) from different schools participated in the training. The aim of this conference was to report …

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Beza to Brackenbury

Written by David Fricker, Brackenbury Link Coordinator Another exciting chapter in the Brackenbury-Beza partnership, the visit by the Head and Link Coordinator from Beza to Brackenbury, took place this month! With the partnership established in 2012, Brackenbury Primary School and Beza (Besebarok) Primary and Secondary School have now completed two reciprocal visits, funding by the …

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Brackenbury to Beza

Written by David Fricker, Brackenbury Primary School Link Coordinator Brackenbury to Beza by Link Ethiopia on Exposure

Link Conference in Gondar

Every year the coordinators from the partnered schools in Ethiopia meet to discuss plans for the future, and ways to move forward within school partnerships. Most recently, two conferences were held, firstly at Bahir Dar on the 21st December with a second shortly after at Gondar on the 25th December. Not a strange day to …

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School Links Southern Ethiopia Conferences and British Council Training

Written by Tsegaye Alemneh, School Links Manager, Bishoftu. Link Ethiopia’s annual School Links conference and training was held in Bishoftu and Adama town just before Ethiopian Christmas (Gena). Each conference took two full days. 39 Headteachers and Link coordinators from different schools participated. The aim of these conferences was to create an opportunity for the …

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Rushmere Hall Primary School visit partners Times Choice Academy

Written by Tsegaye Alemneh Michelle and Hannah are teachers from Rushmere Hall Primary School. They had the opportunity to visit their partner school, Times Choice Academy, for the second time last week. On their first day visiting their Link Partners, the Link Club students welcomed them by playing different children’s games and singing songs. They …

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Recycling at Tannery Drift School – June 2014

Written by Lyn Simons from Tannery Drift School Everyone at Tannery Drift School had a break from normal lessons recently to actively engage in a Science Week focused on ‘Change’. Workshops, demonstrations and experiments were undertaken with a large focus on recycling, and with special reference to Ethiopia and Global Learning. Initially we planned to …

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Bright, colourful greetings from Ravensdale Primary School

Ravensdale Primary School have sent greetings to their linked school, Abebayen Elementary School through an array of wonderful work from the students. They decided to focus on the topic of ‘Plants, Animals and Nature’, the children have produced letters, pictures, facts and stories on this subject. Information on native animals to England, such as the …

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Magdalen College School staff are warmly welcomed by everyone at Tana Haik School

Written by Zemene Mersha There was excitement in Bahir Dar recently when Tana Haik Secondary School welcomed visitors from their Oxford based link school, Magdalen College School, for three days. Ashley, Ruth and Tom were warmly welcomed and enjoyed a busy stay experiencing many aspects of Ethiopian school life as highlighted from this daily journal: …

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