Month: August 2020

Kumbursa Elementary

2020 Update Kumbursa is a village of around 250 households, 40km south of Addis Ababa in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The village has a local school – Kumbursa Elementary – which offers grades 1 to 4, teaching children up to the age of 11. Kumbursa was the first school supported by one of our …

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Meet Tibebe

Football Teams: Tibebe’s Story Together We Learn’s football team in Bishoftu is led by a young and dynamic coach called Tibebe who first approached the charity when he was 14 years old, young but with a big heart. Tibebe lives in Bishoftu with his parents, and has two sisters and one brother. Tibebe first heard …

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Sounds Like Fun

An Update on our Early Years English Improvement Project Teaching English makes you think a lot about how words are spelt and how they sound. Words like tough, bough, cough and dough look similar but sound completely different. And starting from the other direction, words like sight and site sound the same but don’t look …

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Meet Muluyay

Sponsorship: Muluyay’s Story Muluyay was an ordinary girl who liked to play hide-and-seek. As she got older, she helped her mother with the housework; cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, selling tella (local beer) and fetching water. She was a good student, in the top 10 of her class, and she liked to play volleyball. However, …

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Meet Abdu

Kindu Klub: Abdu’s Story When Abdu’s mother first came to Together We Learn for sponsorship support, the family was living in very bad conditions and they didn’t have enough to eat. This extreme poverty resulted in malnutrition, a lack of hygiene and little hope for a better life. Abdu weighed only 3 kilos at the …

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