Month: April 2015

SGS second phase construction begins

By Tefera Teklu The contractor Endashaw Eshete and the consultant Habtamu Ginbneh signed an agreement today for the second phase construction of St. George’s School. Some field work including measuring, ground study and the site was set out. The site was handed over and now work can commence.

Link Ethiopia & Nisir put pen to paper to promote education!

By Tefera Teklu Link Ethiopia and Nisir Societal Development and Environmental Protection Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together towards the promotion of education and the culture of reading. The agreement initiates cooperation between the two organisations to the advancement of reading culture in Ethiopia, research and community service. They have also agreed …

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How vital is education?

Written by Laurence Many of our sponsors’ involvement and commitment to our Sponsorship programme runs over many years, and sees their students through from Elementary School all the way to University. This support is life-changing and epitomises our mission of providing access to quality education for Ethiopian students. Unfortunately, as we all know, life has …

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‘Beautiful by Sky Hormbrey’

Written by Laurence The wonderful single ‘Beautiful’ is out now! The song, written and performed by Sky Hormbrey from Headington School, is raising money for their partner school in Ethiopia – Hamle 19! The school have done amazing things over a Link relationship that has lasted many years. We really hope this amazing effort furthers …

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Volunteers: The tipping point

by Tefera Teklu My favourite subject has always been English. And this was mainly because of my 5th grade teacher, Gashé (Amharic for Mr.) Tariku. He came to replace a fierce teacher, Gashé Shibabaw, who used to beat us, shout or stare at us menacingly for our inability to read. During Shibabaw’s reign of terror, …

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