Month: October 2013

Measuring Success

Before starting any new intervention, we must measure whatever it is we’re trying to change.  Getting this baseline means we know the situation when we started and can see if there’s any improvement later on. After arriving in Gondar, before getting off to any of the schools, monitoring was therefore where we started work.  A …

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Alastair’s Arrival

I’d been to Link Ethiopia’s offices in London to meet their wonderfully enthusiastic and pleasingly easy-going staff twice before setting off for the horn, but really had no idea what to expect from the projects, country or local staff.  Occasionally, ill-formed predictions would swim across my mind, but they were given short shrift; I’ve always …

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Nothing brings people together quite like sport, and nothing brings people together from all over the world quite like the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It was in fact the inspiration of the London 2012 games that encouraged Tannery Drift School to seek out links abroad, and through Link Ethiopia, it is now linked with Salem …

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Together We Learn - Ethiopia