Month: January 2015

Do we have a Right to Education?

Written by Laurence It might seem like a simple question with an obvious answer; yes. But across the world it’s not necessarily that simple. Children surely have the right to education. But do adults? What kind of education are children and young people entitled to? Should we have to pay for education, and if so, …

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Dunky’s Library Mission: Mike’s First Impression (Part Two)

Written by Mike (Read Part One Here) In the towns and cities, building a library is definitely feasible. However, Link works with schools all over the country, some that can’t even be reached without a 4×4 because they’re so rural. Getting building materials to these schools can prove too tricky, and even getting books to …

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For the love of reading: Mike’s First Impressions (Part One)

Written by Mike (Read Part Two Here) So, they’ve asked me to write a blog. I’ve got plenty of adventures stored up on paper so maybe some sort of anthology is in order! Here are my experiences so far with Link Ethiopia, the wonderful charity with whom I’m volunteering in Bishoftu. I’ll start by telling …

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Completion of the Atse Bekafa Library Building Project

Written by Isabel Here is a first look at the newly completed library in Atse Bekafa! With construction having started in 2014, a few changes are still underway which will see the addition of a children’s corner, as well as a display of the children’s work. It is already proving popular; at the moment the …

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School Links Southern Ethiopia Conferences and British Council Training

Written by Tsegaye Alemneh, School Links Manager, Bishoftu. Link Ethiopia’s annual School Links conference and training was held in Bishoftu and Adama town just before Ethiopian Christmas (Gena). Each conference took two full days. 39 Headteachers and Link coordinators from different schools participated. The aim of these conferences was to create an opportunity for the …

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