Month: September 2010

Kebele 16 Elementary’s new toilets

The Kebele 16 Elementary School, on the outskirts of Gondar town, caters for 1,800 pupils. For a number of years, the toilet facilities at the school were totally unsuitable for their pupils. Hygienic sanitation provision in schools is key to reducing the spread of disease amongst pupils. Sickness immediately impacts on school attendance and a …

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At the end of September, Addis Ababa, “new flower”, lived up to its name: fresh daisies lined the streets, strewn in piles in markets, heaped on to minibuses, gathered in bundles on the backs of white-robed women. The occasion was Meskel, a festival named for this flower and for the cross, both of which feature …

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Anchow Mikael Elementary

At Anchow Mikael Elementary School, in a rural community in the north of Ethiopia, the pupils were taught under temporary shelters until very recently. These were made of branches and sticks which washed away with heavy rainstorms, which are common in this region during July and August. Link Ethiopia worked with the local community to …

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