Month: June 2010

School linking

A school link with Link Ethiopia? What’s that all about, then?! When a school wants to widen its focus and get its children looking outwards into the big, wide world, a school link with another country is a great activity to engage in. Instead of focusing only on their own lives and their own communities, …

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International Short Films Festival and “When China met Africa”

Two pieces of news from the film world came to our notice recently. One was the reporting of the first International Short Films Festival that took place in Addis Ababa, the first of its kind to be staged in East Africa. And the second, to which we would like to bring everyone’s notice, is that …

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May & June 2010

Welcome to our May & June 2010 news update A warm hello from our ever-growing team here at Link Ethiopia! And so another school year is coming to a close, a year when our school linking programme is stretching ever further afield with no let-up in the energy and enthusiasm of its team of workers. …

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