Month: July 2015

Libraries – the beating heart of a school

Written by Mathilde Running since 2013, Link Ethiopia’s Libraries and Literacy project aims to improve the literacy ability of students in more than 40 schools across Ethiopia, as well as promoting the pure fun of reading for young children. As we reach the end of the second year of the project we are so pleased …

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Impington Village College – Our Fantastic Fundraisers

At Link Ethiopia we are lucky enough to have some truly dedicated and energetic fundraisers who make everything possible. In this blog we thought we would turn the spotlight on the fundraisers and let them tell you what they’re up to and why they raise money for Link Ethiopia. Students at Impington Village College in Cambridgeshire …

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Ethiopia and Islam – a colourful (brief) history

Written by Cecilia For Muslims Ethiopia has historically been the land of freedom from persecution and emancipation from fear. Ethiopia is considered “the heaven of the first migration or Hijra”. In 622 CE, some of the Prophet Muhammad’s followers, given the persecution they were subjected to in the city of Mecca, undertook their migration or …

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It takes a village to raise a reader!

Written by Cecilia Within the annual International Literacy Day promoted by UNESCO, literacy has always been celebrated as an empowerment tool, a means to reach the main pillars of sustainable development: economic development, social development and environmental protection. Knowledge is power and education empowers to the extent that it enables people to determine their own …

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