Month: February 2010

Latest school link news

Our school links are ever expanding, providing more opportunities for pupils, their teachers and parents in both countries to learn about each others’ cultures and build lasting friendships. We now have over 50 links, covering all ages from nursery to sixth form. There is a large amount of activity taking place across the links, including …

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World class athletics

Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba are two of the world’s greatest athletes. The Ethiopian pair are among the finest sportsmen of their generation. Having dominated for most of the noughties there is every sign they will do so throughout the “teens” and even into the 2020s. Their Ethiopian predecessors Haile Gebrselassie (now 36) and Derartu …

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Recent teaching volunteers

Link Ethiopia’s volunteering scheme is becoming more and more popular and is catering for a much wider range of ages and talents these days. And 2010 has started in a particularly promising way with eight volunteers teaching and helping out in Ethiopia concurrently during part of February. Here are three typical volunteer stories from recent …

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Together We Learn - Ethiopia