New beginnings

Today Link Ethiopia would like to give you a glimpse into the lives of 11 year-old Nesanet Deginet and her 8 year-old brother Elias. Together with their parents, they moved to Bishoftu to start a new life at the ages of 5 and 2. When they were younger both of their parents died within one week of each other. This left the two children orphaned and also without any family of their own that they or anyone else is aware of – this is unusual in Ethiopia as families are usually closely knit and often they live close to each other.

Today they know nothing about their past or their family. Their neighbour became their committed guardian when they lost their parents, and she does her best to support them through their schooling by working as a daily labourer. Despite the sense of loss that will stay with them throughout their lives, both children undertake a half-hour walk to school each day and study hard, achieving outstanding results in their exams. They both know how important their schooling is; Elias has ambitions to become an engineer when he is older.

Sadly, they are both dealing with a reality that many Ethiopian children must face. Their guardian is struggling to support them financially, and they may both need to betray their goals by dropping out of school. You can help to make a difference in their lives through Link Ethiopia’s sponsorship scheme. Donations will ensure that their daily food and clothing needs are met, and that they will continue to attend school and work towards their dreams.

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