Angereb Secondary School teacher visits Backwell School in Bristol

As part of Backwell Secondary and Angereb Secondary’s shared curriculum project on sustainability, Backwell School welcomed Amlaku Negash, an English teacher and the Link Coordinator at Angereb Secondary school in Gondar, Ethiopia. Amlaku spent spent a week at the school, talking to students and teachers about Ethiopia and life at Angereb. Amlaku also visited the local area and took part in a school excursion to a nearby forest to practice camping skills. It was an eye-opening visit for both the Backwell School community and Amlaku, all of whom feel their partnership has been strengthened by recent exchange visits.

The visit was funded by a British Council ‘Global Curriculum Project Grant’. Backwell and Angereb’s project focuses on water use in both schools. Students at each school have exchanged information on rainfall as well as individual records of how much water they used in daily tasks such as washing and cooking. The exchange has provoked some challenging discussions about the sustainability of our different lifestyles and helped students in both schools to understand the importance of conserving water.

All of the resources that have been developed through this project are available for download at This project is funded by the British Council ‘Global Curriculum Project Grant’. For more information on accessing this funding, visit or contact [email protected] for advice.

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