Backwell and Angereb’s Shared Curriculum Project on Sustainability gets underway

In 2010, Backwell Secondary in Bristol and Angereb Secondary in Gondar, Ethiopia were awarded funding from the British Council for an innovative shared curriculum project examining water use and sustainability in their two communities. The project started with students introducing themselves through the exchanging ‘global passports’ with information about themselves and their hopes for the world. Students also examined cultural attitudes in both their communities to better understand how they could work together effectively. Both schools have started to record rainfall in their school grounds and students have measured their own weekly water use. Teacher exchange visits from both countries are planned for April and June to continue to build the project.

All of the resources that have been developed through this project are available for download at This project is funded by the British Council ‘Global Curriculum Project Grant’. For more information on accessing this funding contact [email protected] for advice.

Together We Learn - Ethiopia