An item of business news which Link Ethiopia staff noticed in the last few days is that a consignment of 16,000 day-old chicks are to be sent from India to Ethiopia as part of a programme to introduce and breed superior quality poultry in the African nation.

The consignment from a Gurgaon-based poultry breeding company, Keggfarms, consists of a variety of chicken branded ‘Kuroiler’ that can live and thrive in resource-poor, foraging village environments and yet produce much more meat and eggs than the existing stocks.

Also part of the consignment are to be 4,000 Kuroiler hatching eggs. The initiative to supply these Kuroiler chicks came after Keggfarms was approached by Flow Equity, a US-based fund, to introduce the chicken into Ethiopia. Flow Equity is managed by three young US citizens who are working for the upliftment of social conditions of the African poor, especially in Ethiopia and Uganda.

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