Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

Link Ethiopia

is now called

Together We Learn

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Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

42 sponsors changing 42 lives

Child SponsorshipOur Child Sponsorship scheme is the newest of all our activities. In the relatively short period it’s been running we have been thrilled that so many generous individuals and families have come forward to support the most vulnerable children we work with in Ethiopia. These children are almost all without one or both parents. It was previously a huge struggle for them to afford the very basics for school life, and they were seriously at risk of dropping out of education because of this.

Through sponsorship these children are provided with everything they need to succeed at school: uniform, bag, books, stationary and anything else they require. Sponsorship ensures they stay in school and can make the most of their education. Not only that, but sponsorship also benefits the wider community as well by supporting vital infrastructure projects such as classrooms, toilets, clean running water and libraries. So by sponsoring one individual, your donations also help hundreds of other children too!

Child SponsorshipWe want to say a huge thank you to the 42 individuals and families in the UK, the USA, France, Germany, Spain and Australia who sponsor children in our partner schools. It’s because of you that the future is brighter for Addisalem Abera, Alembante Mulugeta, Amanuel Alebachew, Yeshimbet Yalew Dagnew, Meseret Tesfa Abebe, Tamrat Getu, Yohannes Kesete, Hanan Legesse, Dollar Haile, Bethlehem Tadesse, Selamawit Berhanu, Yemisrach Tsega, Kokobe Getachew, Eyob Fetene, Yemikir Getnet, Yosef Mulugeta, Besufekad Ashenafi, Baye Sirage, Aster Gebru, Mesay Birelle, Alemitu Jejaw, Temesgen Gobeze, Azanu Ferede, Mesafint Yeshambel, Senait Eshetu, Dagnachew Takele, Enanye Tadele, Workalem Muluye, Tamru Eyayu, Bertukan Nega, Haregua Adebabaye, Tejitu Arega, Maritu Eyayu, Wagnech Adgo, Ferede Kassie, Selam Girma, Fikerselam Tadesse, Solomon Berhanu, Semrab Sissay, Eliku Teshome, Endework Wagnew and Eskedar Bogale.

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