Fund a Project

Your donation can make a real difference. Any donation can be directed to the project of your choice and, if you would like to make a large donation, we can choose the best way to use your funds that meets your vision and the needs of children in Ethiopia.

School Construction

The lack of school buildings, whether it be classrooms, libraries, toilet blocks or water stations is one of the biggest challenges facing schools in Ethiopia. Class sizes can still be as large as 50 to 60, with dilapidated sanitary facilities shared by hundreds of pupils and staff. Something hopeful about how you can help.


installs a water tap station at a school ensuring health and hygiene for all students


builds a gender separated latrine block with 4 toilets ensuring safe access to sanitation for students


builds a two classroom block providing a positive learning environment for decades

Girls’ Education

We want to make sure girls can stay in school, improve their grades, and realise their academic potential. Girls and young women face many barriers to education, so join us in fighting for gender equality in education, by providing female specific support.


funds a business loan for a family with a girl at risk of dropping out


funds a Girls’ Football Team for a year empowering girls through sport and teamwork


runs an awareness campaign to create female-friendly school environments, working with girls, their parents, male students and teachers

Teacher Training

We aim to make sure that teachers have the skills, techniques, support and resources required to teach English effectively, through innovative training courses.


funds a two day training course for 20 teachers on practical ideas to make lessons active and creating learning resources beyond the textbook and blackboard

teacher in front of blackboard teaches from poster resource


organises a conference for all our school link partners to share learning and develop interactive teaching methods and lesson planning skills


funds a year of literacy training, reaching over 80 teachers at 40 schools to improve English teaching through the phonics method

Kindu Klub and Playgroup

The Kindu Klub and Playgroup provide our sponsored children with a safe, clean and stimulating environment in which to play, socialise and learn together. The children will also receive hot, nutritional meals and health and hygiene training.


employs a full-time youth worker at the Kindu Klub for a month


funds a day trip for 100 children to visit a place of national beauty outside of their home town


pays for the space to provide a Playgroup, Kindu Klub and library for children for a year

Student Sponsorship

Sponsoring a student means that they are able to go to school healthy, with the materials they need, giving each child the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential.


supports a child to stay in education for a year


builds a latrine so that a family have access to their own toilet


builds a new house for a family providing a safe and weather proof home for many years

If you would like to see your donation make a real difference please contact us and we can discuss what your interests are and what our priorities are for supporting children so that together we can run a project that will have a real benefit for children in Ethiopia.

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