Gift for Gendit – our 2018 Christmas Appeal

What are you doing for Christmas this year? This Christmas, we at Link Ethiopia are raising funds to build two new classrooms for the young children at Gendit Primary School.

What, where and when?

We know that too many children in Ethiopia drop out of education because schools are far from their homes. At Gendit School, after grade 3, children have to walk over an hour and across a busy road to get to the next closest school. This leaves parents worried, especially for girls who are at risk of sexual violence on the way home.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be starting a new project with Building Futures Ethiopia to build up Gendit School to a fully equipped primary school over the next 3 years.With the help of former UK Head Teacher, Sue Eland, of Building Futures Ethiopia, we will expand Gendit School from grade 3 up to grade 6. We will build classrooms, toilets, and a library as well as invest in teacher training to ensure quality education for hundreds of children in this rural community.

The project will take 3 years in total. In 2019 we will start by building two new classrooms which will help current students continue education at their local school. We have already received funding from Sue Eland, you can read all about her here, to build the classrooms this year, but we need £2,000 for the project to go ahead.

Why is the project important?

The more difficult it is to get to school the more likely that some children will drop out of education altogether.

It is estimated, for every year of schooling a person’s earning potential increases by 10%. This means the possibility of lifting an area out of poverty becomes more of an attainable goal with the correct infrastructure in place. 

Building the new classrooms will prevent children in the Gendit area from dropping out of school after grade 3 at the end of this year. The classrooms will enable more children from the area to attend school for years to come, and to safely continue with their studies while remaining close to their homes, families and friends.

What can your donation do?

Your donation will have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of children.

£7 will buy an educational poster for the class
£28 could buy a desk f or two children
£52 buys a whiteboard f or the classroom

A classroom is a long-lasting investment in a school – the number of children dropping out of education will be reduced and new classrooms will help grades of students for at least 3 decades to come.

So if you want to contribute to our goal of £2000, donate here. Thank you!

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