The Wolves return!

Written by Muna

About a week ago, our favourite summer football team the Link Ethiopia Wolves, from Gondar, played against the Andinet Elementary School. The weather they played in would make it difficult for anyone to succeed in. As if Mother Nature had it in for the Wolves, the playing field was very slippery and wet due to the continuing rainy season. But the Wolves had their eye on the ball and the as a whole maintained a strong, energetic and persistent front. In the end, the match resulted into a draw. The final score was 2-2.

Almost a year ago, we wrote about the Wolves playing and winning their first ever match in the The Gondar Town Under-15’s Tournament against Hamsalomie, another school in Gondar! Unfortunately, although they made it all the way to the Cup Final, the Wolves didn’t win and were defeated in a tense penalty shoot out. We proud of how far our team made it- in their first tournament!

The_Wolves_2_bm8muh    The_Wolves_5_zil0af

We continue to be so proud of the Wolves. We’ve seen them progress a lot and they’ve surprised everyone with their determination. We hope to see many more goals to be scored in the future by our footballing hero’s. The Gondar Town Under-15’s Tournament continues this month and we hope our Wolves go even further than last year.

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