The children at Fairlight Primary School have been busy bees- Greetings & Fundraising!

The students and staff at Fairlight Primary School have been busy preparing letters and pictures to send to their linked school in Ethiopia, Kebele 19 Elementary School. The children have written lovely letters to the Ethiopian students introducing themselves, talking about their lives and about the local area, Brighton. Truly wonderful work from the children, we’ve sent the package off now so it will arrive with Kebele 19 School soon.

Additionally, the school has begun fundraising for Kebele 19 School to help them join the Library & Literacy Project. This is the most urgent need for the school, currently they have an underfunded and under-resourced library which cannot cope with the needs of the students. Including the school in Link Ethiopia’s Literacy & Libraries project will help the students to learn in a better environment and provide the school with better resources, training and facilities to help the children get the best chance with their education.

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