Brackenbury Primary School welcomes Ethiopian guests

Written by David Fricker

Through Link Ethiopia the schools – Beza Primary and Secondary School and Brackenbury Primary School – have been building a strong relationship with regular communications since 2012 and thanks to a grant from the British Council have been able visit one another. Following Brackenbury School’s visit to Ethiopia in February, two teachers – the School Director and the Link Ethiopia Coordinator – from Beza School travelled to London to discover more about Brackenbury School and education in the UK.


Brackenbury School gave their guests a big warm welcome, promoted their active participation in schooling activities and even showed them the best London sites. The guests observed and participated in classes of all subjects, aided the children to expand their knowledge of Africa through Q&A sessions and participated in the Link Ethiopia club.  The visitors were very delighted by the frequent calls of ጤና ይስጥልኝ (tena yistilign, ‘hello’ in Amharic) from the children

The finale of the visit was an Ethiopian Coffee ceremony, supported by the small Ethiopian community in the area whose children attend Brackenbury.  It was an excellent opportunity for the staff at Brackenbury to share the amazing Ethiopian traditions and reflect on the experiences of the wonderful week spend with their guests.

Ato Gezahegn – the School Director at Beza­ – was truly thrilled with his experience and the partnership between the schools stating:

“We also continue to anticipate a positive relationship between our two sister schools; and to be supported by Link Ethiopia for further friendship and learning together.  Long live Ethiopia and UK friendship!  Long live our partnership!”

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Together We Learn - Ethiopia