Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

Link Ethiopia

is now called

Together We Learn

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Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

A mother’s love

Link Ethiopia is pleased to introduce you to Samirawit Ketema, a 14 year-old and her mother Fanu Girma. Their story shows the value of dedication, family unity, education and ambition.

Samirawit was born to an illiterate mother, her father left the family home several years ago. Her mother knew that education was central to improving the lives of both her and her daughter. She committed herself to setting the best possible example for her daughter by enrolling herself in night class.

She enrolled immediately determined to go school herself and help her only child at home. Fanu joined grade 1 at night program and started reading and writing and in doing so was able to her child do the same.

Samirawit’s mother wanted her daughter to be educated, to understand the value of attending school and to have someone at home who could help her with her studies. With hard work and the support of her mother, Samirawit has been scoring over 90% for her exams in English, Maths and Physics – she hopes to train as a doctor when she finishes school.

Fanu would love to continue her night classes all the way to grade 9. Unfortunately however, she has been torn between helping her daughter with her studies and supporting her financially. She has had to drop out of her night classes to concentrate on her job as a cleaner so that she is able to continue to provide for herself and her daughter. As a result of this her education has come to a halt and she is now less able to support Samirawit with her studies.

Could you help to support Samirawit and her mother to continue their education together? With a little help with school fees and the buying of essential study materials we hope that both will be able to continue to support each other with their learning.

If you would like to help Samirawit and her mother please follow this link to make a donation or an offer of support.

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