Summer of success – Football team takes home gold!

IMG_0320Celebrations are in order for Link Ethiopia’s youngest football team who recently won the gold cup in a local competition proving that all their hard work has paid off. This talented bunch of 10 – 13 year olds have a true passion for the sport, which is evident when you see the level that they are already playing at. Training three times a week these dedicated kids are being sponsored by Link Ethiopia’s scheme of volunteers to help them progress and develop in something they love.

The team’s skill has grown hugely this summer due to a productive visit from 24-year-old sports coach, Calum Erskine, a Link Ethiopia volunteer from the UK. Spending two weeks coaching both the younger team and the 14 plus team, Calum’s effect can be seen in all of the kids he’s worked with, all who have a new drive to perform at a higher standard. His support has also been extended by providing new football kits and boots for all of the kids, allowing a uniform identity that has equally boosted the teams’ morale, evidently leading to the recent successes!

The current full time coach of the younger team, Tibebu, is a student himself at local Bole Elementary, with both football teams being made up from kids that attend Link Ethiopia’s other main link schools in Debre Zeit, which include; Lemlem Tesfa, Times Choice, Bishoftu Secondary School and Tokuma School.


Tibebu hopes his team will be able to continue the winning streak and that his players will be skilled enough to feed into the older Link Ethiopia team to match the talent that is also being currently shown by them and their coach Gideon. But for now his younger team has set the gold standard high and has hopefully made volunteer Calum very proud of what he’s been involved in.

These latest success stories are proof of the continuing good work that Link Ethiopia is achieving within the local community. Keeping these football clubs alive and supported is important for all involved. Allowing the kids to be continually motivated to progress at something they are talented in and also maintain their encouragement of education through sport, whilst being surrounded and supported by friends, is a really healthy endeavour.


So many thanks must be said to all who are involved, including any sponsors or volunteers who may have previously helped with similar projects. We hope that success stories like this can continue to flow from the work that Link Ethiopia is doing to prove that a difference is being made.

You can watch the team’s celebrations here:

LE Football Team from Link Ethiopia on Vimeo.

Post written by Mark Forrest –

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