Ghion Gets Broadband!

Ghion Secondary school now has broadband!

In 2012, Link Coordinator of Wreake Valley Community College, Mike Hill, donated roughly £500 (of his own money!) to Ghion secondary school in Bahir Dar to help towards enabling Ghion teachers and students to benefit from accessing the Internet. Unfortunately, we later realised that there was no Fibre Optic cable line in the neighbourhood as a fibre optic line is what’s needed for high speed broadband. Undeterred, we persevered and kept in constant contact with the school ensuring help from another NGO who donated around £3,500, on top of Mike’s generous donation,  to realise the dream of broadband for Ghion secondary School.

In Ethiopia, only 1.1% of the population (roughly 900,000 out of 84,000,000) have access to the internet. In The UK that figure is roughly 88%. Whilst Ethiopia has some catching up to do, the drive to get Ethiopia online continues. There is no doubting the significance of this as it will greatly enhance the levels of education for these students.

A big thank you to all involved; and here is proof of your hard work!

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