Tannery Drift First School: Helpful Harvest!

At one of our new linked schools,  Tannery Drift in Hertfordshire, they certainly wasted no time in making the most of the opportunities afforded by their link with Selam Elementary in Northern Ethiopia. After introducing the project to the pupils and parents at the school, a great fundraising and learning opportunity appeared – the annual Harvest Festival!





Utilising some of the  resources provided by Link Ethiopia to linked schools, the children and teachers at Tannery Drift compared and contrasted the kinds of foods and dishes between the UK and Ethiopia – I wonder if the children would think about trying the acquired-taste of Ethiopian flatbread (injera)?  Already, in general discussions and all topics across the school, teachers and children often ask the question: “I wonder if that happens in Ethiopia?”.

As well as using the Harvest Festival to learn about Ethiopia and Ethiopian food, Tannery Drift went one better and sold the collected produce to start raising funds to help contribute to projects and education at Selam Elementary – great to get started so quickly and to come up with innovative fundraising ideas!

For more information on fundraising ideas and activities, click here, and for more on Ethiopian food, click here.

If you’re thinking of teaching this topic yourself, then you can find more resources here, and a great video from the Simpsons here.

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