Ethiopian Athletes in the Press

‘When Eddie met Haile’

Our own marathon enthusiast Eddie Izzard meets Ethiopian four-time world champion Haile Gebrselassie for a training session. The two compare techniques and training regimes while Eddie tries his hand at a spot of barefoot running!

‘Town of Runners’ article

Runners on the Track
"Five days a week, runners at Bekoji stadium are put through their paces"

Off the back of the film ‘Town of Runners’ – a documentary about young runners from Bekoji, an Ethiopian highland town which has produced some of the world’s greatest long-distance athletes – this fantastic article in The Guardian includes interviews with Sentayehu Eshetu or ‘Coach’, the man behind Bejoki’s running success, and some of his Olympic Gold Medallists.  As well as revealing the town’s secret formula and the hard work that goes into becoming a world champion, the article gives a fine account of life in Ethiopia and accurately depicts some of the additional struggles athletes from the country face, such as trying to afford trainers and balancing education alongside extensive training.

Accompanying the article are some excellent photos that could be used as learning resources:

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