Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

Link Ethiopia

is now called

Together We Learn

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Link Ethiopia is now called Together We Learn

Dubai sponsorship

Staff and students from the Universal American School, Dubai visit Keta Elementary School with World Challenge

Teacher Genna and a group of students from the Universal American School, Dubai, visited Keta Elementary School on a World Challenge project. The visit was a real success and saw the students teaching music and origami, playing and exploring and digging the foundations for a library.

The UAS students gave art classes, the first that the Keta students had ever experienced due to a lack of supplies, and donated 10 boxes of art supplies to the Keta students.

The thing that makes this trip even more amazing is the fact that Genna and the students have continued supporting Keta Elementary through fundraising which is going towards completing the library that they dug the foundations for.

Whilst on the trip, Genna and the students saw the massive difference that sponsorship can make. Sponsorship provides all the resources that an individual child needs to have a fulfilling education, and the proportion of sponsorship money that goes towards projects allows vital things such as sanitation, water and electricity to be improved which improves the quality of education for all the students.

Genna and the students are looking to find sponsors for 12 of the children at Keta Elementary school, which would impact not only those students, but the education of all the students who attend the school now, and in the future! We are thrilled that UAS are undertaking this and wish them all the best in finding sponsors for these children.

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