West London Academy Teachers take a dunking in order to raise money for Maksegnit Secondary!

Congratulations to West London Academy for raising £1000 towards sanitation at Maksegnit Secondary School. Students and teachers at West London Academy took part in a variety of fun activities in order to raise money, including battling in inflatable sumo costumes and ‘Soak The Teacher’ – a machine which tips a bucket of water over a waiting teacher when enough change is collected!

All proceeds will go to support sanitation work at Maksegnit Secondary in Gondar Zuria, northern Ethiopia. The school caters to several thousand teachers but currently has insufficient taps. Clean water is really important for a healthy student community and the installation of a water facility will make a big difference to the students at Maksegnit. As with all Link Ethiopia projects, the Maksegnit Secondary community will be fully involved, donating labour and raw materials such as wood and stone.

For inspiration and ideas for your fundraising, download our Fundraising Guide from http://linkethiopia.org/get-involved/fundraising-guide/


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